Cannabis PEO. Offering cannabis payroll, cannabis workers comp, cannabis health benefits, cannabis HRTurn-key solution for your cannabis workforce
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Aloha has been specializing in high risk industries for over a decade. Our cannabis clients are saving on average 15-20% with our payroll services.

We have invested in long-term solution for our cannabis clients. You’ll be able to have visibility on your workforce: time tracking, job costing, payroll, taxes, insurance and benefits all from one source.

Our relationships with established banks, leading tax-accounting firms, and labor-employment attorneys allow us to give your business a complete turn-key solution.

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Health benefits for Cannabis, Cannabis Health Insurance, Cannabis PEO

workers’ comp

Aloha can offer workers’ compensation policy for cannabis grows, wholesalers, retailers and brands. ¬†Offering coverage nationwide with risk job codes for your entire workforce.

Eligible job categories: growing, harvesting, retail operations, food-beverage product manufacturing, and concentrate extraction.

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Health Insurance for Cannabis Businesses. Best Health Plans for Cannabis operators

health benefits

Aloha’s cannabis clients are looking to get an affordable health benefits plan with amazing coverage. We have just about every option available. For over a decade we have been creating customized health benefits plans for our clients. We are proud to offer HMO, PPO and for our larger groups captive plans together to take advantage of our master plans and scale of economies.

Looking to attract and retain top talent? We can help you implement an amazing health benefits plan for your cannabis operation at an affordable price range.

HR Services for Cannabis. HR Outsourcing for cannabis.

HR Solutions

Do you have a plan or implementing policies to deal with Covid-19, BLM, age-ism, sexual harassment training, wrongful termination, unionization and employee training?

Aloha has a few options for your integrated cannabis operation. You can have a designated HR specialists that you come to for support or have an worksite HR specialist that helps you regularly to help you navigate and stay within compliance as you grow the company.

Get full visibility of your workforce and support to eliminate risk.

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